Círculo Verde is a company made up of technicians and professionals (agriculture and electrical engineers and accountants) trained for the investment analysis, projections and execution of irrigation works by sprinkling.
We have the required human capital, infrastructure and machinery to accomplish a proper installation of the irrigate equipments.

The worklist in all the sectors can provide the clients the following services:

  • Financial sustainability analysis of the project
  • Agronomic viability analysis of the project
  • Profitability analysis of the project
  • Future projection analysis
  • Cost optimization
  • Cables, tubes, engine and pump dimensioning for each particular situation.
  • Civil engineering work execution


  • Clearing, digging ditches, tube and cable installations
  • Pump and engine installation
  • Concrete base production
  • Equipment assembly
  • Maintenance, monitoring and guidance
  • Administration and use of the low irrigate production*

Administration and use of the low irrigate production

It is estimated that the world wide population will be doubled in the next 50 years (from 5.700 to 10.000 people). Consequently, it is necessary to increase the production for each agriculture. From the technical point of view, it is possible to achieve it with the appropriate technology. The sprinkling irrigate is the most efficient form to provide to the crops the accurate space. What is more, the use of the precise fallow land technology, sowing, variety selection, weeds control and pathogens together with the pressurized irrigate encompass the fundamental practices for a higher production.

In the company, there are agriculture engineers with a wide experience in the management of crops, monitoring, plagues, weeds and illness control; as well as accounts who evaluate the possible investment and their viability.

Nowadays, the company is linked and work with many public and private institutions with the challenge of providing and collect information of particular useful for the articulator, by means of open filed and lab experimental testing productions.

INTA publication. Villegas where some members of our staff participate.