Efficiency and uniformity in the application

  • The precise size and spacing of the mouthpieces - from 0.76 to 5.74 m (30" to 226") - are accomplished in computerized form, making sure of the uniformity in the application.

  • The low pressure sprinklers operate only with 0.4 bar (6 psi),. So that they save not only power, but also energy and money.

  • The efficiency in the application can reach levels up to 95% or more, depending on the designs and the sprinkler sets.

  • • The water pressure sensors turn off the equipment if the water pressure decrease to a lower predetermined level (available as a mechanical cutting or with pressure indicator in the panel wit Pro2 and Select2 systems).


We have a wide range of original replacements in stock for the immediate replacement of those pivot pieces which are not working properly.